Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eternal Twilight OutTakes

Well it's over, something we had all been waiting for, for eight months, was now just a memory and what great memories we have of the convention. Not only did we make the guest blush, we even blushed. I myself had many encounters where I landed myself in it. I have been told that I need to scan a room first before opening my mouth.

The first incident happened on the Friday night, up in the executive lounge. We were innocently talking about Chaske's laugh, it is not only dirty, but infectious at the same time. But with my dear crush Gil Birmingham attending, I innocently, okay, maybe not so innocently said about the naughty things I would like to do with him if he came near me. Only to be told in that moment, that he was sat no more than a meter from me. Thinking my chain was being yanked, I did turn to look to see that not only did Gil Birmingham actually hear what I had said, but Chaske had heard as well. To say I was bright red was an understatement and I wanted to crawl into a hole and die in that moment.

But that wasn't the last time I put my mouth in it with Chaske. While waiting to have my photo taken with him, sat on the floor, as we were early, we were sat by the back door where he would enter, so I said, 'Oh excellent, will get a shot of his ass when he goes through it' only to be told that Chaske was stood beside me, so looking up at the very tall man, he nodded his head at me and entered through that door. So I think I went redder this time, then the night before. But to make myself feel better, I still did check his ass out when he went into the photo room.

During my autograph with Patrick Brennan he questioned my motives of why I looked so happy, but he liked happy people. I wasn't going to reveal to him that I was happy cus I was snuggled in his strong grasp now was I, this was the first instance of me keeping my mouth shut, so it was a good thing. But when I went to get my autograph from him an hour later. He remembered me from the shoot and preceding to kiss my cheek, to which in my mind, I never wanted to wash the left side of my face for the weekend.

Then came my photo shoot with Mr Bewley ~shakes head~ not only did he remember me from LFCC (Can't remember being memorable) he said that he wasn't giving me a serious photo and yep, you guessed it, he didn't, so on my second photo with him, I decided a little pay back and requested a kiss on the cheek... to which he happily agreed. So as  I posed innocently for the photo, just as the camera went off, he licked my cheeks. That's right, the dirty little fucker licked my cheek. At the time I was mortified, as my face was completely screwed up for the photo.... but that was when payback really came for Charles Martin Bewley. He was captured for a double cheek kiss, where after the first one was taken. He asked us if we wished for him to remove his clothes now. I stayed silent for a change, you know, I was good at putting my foot in it. So we just went for another cheek kiss. So there are two of those photo's swinging about. If you can capture it, you know, enjoy ;)

There are many photo's you will not see from the weekend, so look out for them on our facebook or twitter, we will release the terrible ones along the way. But for now. This is it, the convention is over and for ET7 we will make sure we do the blogs as the convention is happening, because I am sure that at some point we have forgotten things. But I hope you enjoyed our encounters. This isn't over. We have the Breaking Dawn Prem to go to yet. So keep checking back.

Charlie Bewley's Backstory for Demetri -- Demetri lived in a little village near Mt. Vesuvius and one day it erupted and he ran from this hot lava (yes that's right, a human outran lava) and ran to another village, were he was sold as a servant and everytime he was done with, he was sold on and on, until he ended up at the Colosseum, where he was thrown into battle with lions (yes lions) then when he was nearly mauled to death. Aro, Caius and Marcus who were on a day trip, pointed him out and offered a lot of money for Demetri, before taking him from the Colosseum, taking him back to Volterra and changing him.

The embarrassing part of his story, is that he presented this back story to Stephenie Meyer who was in the middle of her Twilight Guide at the time and she apparently smiled and nodded at him and said it was great, but Charlie did say, what her smile and nod actually meant was 'Yes Charlie, that's great, now go back to acting and stop pissing on my guide' and to be honest, I think he was spot on.

Toni Trucks 'Dear Diary' - on your travels around twitter, or facebook or any social network site and you see people start with 'Dear Diary' and end with 'It was Crazy' you all have the brilliant Toni for that. It was a game that was played during filming, that everyone who start and end their sentences like that and it has quickly caught on with convention goers.

So as I now again close this part, all I can think about is the Cullen and Volturi dance off, where behind the director, crew, wardrobes back, all the cast during the battle scene, made up a dance in secret and when Bill Condon shout action. Peter Facinelli steps forward to Michael Sheen and declares a dance off, to where everyone else danced off. We are all hoping this will be on the Breaking Dawn DVD, as it was filmed.

Written by @BlackRavenOfPoe

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