Saturday, 22 October 2011

Eternal Twilight Convention 6

Saturday 22nd October 

Now for the next two days is when the fun really begins, so as alarms around the the hotel begin to go off at 7am with excited attendees, all pushing and shoving for the shower, most still hung over from the party before, they all realize they have 9am photo shoots and autographs.

So as a lot pile down to breakfast still in their PJ's, we all tuck into the best breakfast you are ever likely to come across, not only does the Hilton in Birmingham have amazing room, excellent staff and be pure luxury, they do the best breakfasts you are ever likely to eat. Ones that will fill you up for the entire day.

With 9am quickly approaching and the last minute make up is going on and the perfect outfits chosen, the hallways, corridors and stairwells are full of attendees, making their way to the respectful places. We are all divided up into groups of 30 and distributed around the place to make sure queues stay short and the noise to a minimum.

Okay, maybe the noise is never to a minimum, (to know our experiences please read the out take blog) If there is something to be said about the guests that come to Eternal Twilight, they are always up for anything during photoshoots and will also equally prank on you without warning. So when you are queuing for your autograph, speaking to the guests are easy and they welcome it.

So as midday finally roles around and the lines everywhere begin to fade, everyone goes off in different directions for food and to finally nurse them hangovers, to prepare for the guest talks in an hours time.  Also during this time, sign up sheets went up to bid on guest encounters, so spend an hour with each of the guests, for cuppa tea and biscuits. Only the top 10 highest bidders got in. But what goes on in these talks, again, is not for me to disclose, just like the drinks reception.

Now as we all pile back to the talk room and pile into our respected seats, we sit and wait for the talks to begin.

The first talk was Toni Trucks and Justine Wachsberger, so as we settled in, the people who won their guest encounters with Chaske Spencer and Gil Birmingham flitted off to that, the lights went low and the still drunk crowd erupted as Paul came on stage to announce our two guests.

So as the two girls took their seats, the questions began and the laughter started. If I am far, Justine really didn't have much input during this talk, only have a small line in the film and not having much work since New Moon, you could clearly see she was out of her debts. But Toni not only stole the show, but quickly became the best guest of this convention.

She told us the story of 'Dear Diary' her trick of talking with her mouth shut and her input into Noel Fisher and Guri Weinburg's prank of 'GFYS' and with that we got told about the dance off between the Cullens and Volturi ... even though we are yet to see Toni in Breaking Dawn, that truly didn't matter, as she won us over and had us all in fits of laughter.

But before long, the hour was up and they were escorted from the stage to make way for Patrick Brennan, as people went off to their Justine and Toni encounters, we sat and waited for him to take the stage and like Toni, he knows he has yet to be seen in Twilight, but that doesn't stop him from rolling out the jokes. He quickly discovered we were easily pleased, with his random words of 'Boo' and 'Argh' to make us laughter completely overjoyed him. But as the questions quickly fired at him, we got to know he wants to play 'Annie', explaining his love for Charlie Bewley and how he finds it funny Noel Fisher has told us all to 'GFYS'.. though during his talk we had a lighting malfunction as we were plummeted into darkness for a while, but that didn't stop Patrick

Now as Patrick was shown off stage we all waited around for a Twilight Quiz, not many people stuck around for it, but it was a laugh and it really tested our knowledge, not that any of us were really tested, we are all so addicted to Twilight, no one got a question wrong.

After that we welcomed back Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer, both are not strangers to and ET event, as they both attended ET4 together, so as people went off to their Patrick encounter. It wasn't long before Chaske presented that dirty laugh we all come to love and Gil soon had us all in fits of laughter. For a room full of hung over people, we were very easily amused with these two.

But now it is all over for the day and as they are escorted from the stage, the lights go up and the auctions begin. But before that goes a head, Mark and Jason take to the stage to reveal what they were teasing us about on Friday.

You see, the UK Conventions have always been unofficial, and so the line was 'There is going to be no ET7' and this nearly gave us all heart-attack, until it was reveal '.... as an unofficial convention' which means in February, for ET7, we will be known as Eternal Twilight, The Official Convention, so these gave us all finally hope. As we will now have Summit on board with us, to help us get the bigger guests.

So now the auction went underway, a dinner with all the guests went for £260, then the hanging banners went for around £5-£130... as well as all the chairs that the guests were sat on, went from around £50-£220 and no it wasn't Charlie Bewley's that went for £220, his went for £180.. it actually was Gil Birmingham's chair.

Once it was over, everyone piled out of the room and headed back to their rooms, to get ready for the party at 8:30, tonight's theme was  the Baseball theme, so everyone dressed up as baseball players, baseballs and game players. ME put on a live band for us and we all got the party started quickly. Toni Trucks and her boyfriend joined the quests on the dance floor, moshing with the attendees and making sure everyone was up there.

But as 3:30am rolled around and everyone once again realized they had Autographs and photo shoots at 9am and still had to get breakfast in and of course tickets for ET7 were on sale at 8am. They all once again collapsed in stairwells, floors and some made it to their bedrooms, or could have been their bedrooms, we don't judge.

Written By @BlackRavenOfPoe
Photo's By @BlackRavenOfPoe

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