Sunday, 23 October 2011

Eternal Twilight Convention 6

Sunday 23rd October

Come Sunday morning and the fact that tickets for ET7 go on sale at 8am, heading through the hallways of the Hilton, catching the likes of the stage being taken apart by the techs after the live band from the night before, everything was eerily silent, as the first people in the queue began to que at 4am, to make sure they got a certain number ticket. Some even come down in the PJ's and many still drunk from the night before.. Depressing, isn't it?

But as the queues went down and time began to pass, everyone scattered off for breakfast and to get ready for the day, because some unlucky drunk fuckers had a photo shoot with Charlie Bewley at 9am, so had to look their best, since they had lack of beauty sleep. So as the halls became louder and more cheery with the sound of everyone getting to their photo shoots and auto graph signings, everything began to seem well with the convention goers.

But now with the final autograph given and the final photo being taken, it was now time for the talks, you could already feel the atmosphere drop around these parts, as sad times began to set in, many were in the middle of checking out of the hotel, preparing to go home after the talks, the tears setting in also and the sluggishness hitting everyone hard, as we all piled into the room with all talks and took our places, for the final time of the weekend. 

As the lights went low and the flood lights on the stage flicked on, we all prepared for Toni Trucks and Patrick Brennan's talks. As they both took to the stage, they were sent to sign all the banners and chairs, for the people who had won them in the auction on the Saturday afternoon.

So as the noise quieten down, the questions got fired at them both once more, Patrick Brennan once more declared his love for Charlie Bewley and we would find out later on if Charlie reciprocated  this love or not, but from two cast members we are yet to see act in the Twilight saga, both of them managed to keep us entertained from beginning to end, becoming fast favorites amongst the crowd. In February we met someone called Bill Tangradi, who is going to be playing Randall in the Saga, so it wasn't long before Patrick stepped up and showed us all his impression of Bill's victory dance. Which we had all seen Bill perform at ET5, to say he was excellent at it was an understatement, but due to contract reasons, we were unable to film such dance. There was also a moment, where Toni asked the audience if we would like to see Patrick naked and when the cheers were of a resounding yes, Patrick persisted on going bright red and unable to talk for several minutes. To say there were only around 10 males to 500 women, I think he was trouble 

But that hour past quickly and you could tell by the deflation of the attendees, that depression and post-con blues were now setting in, so the next two guests, Gil Birmingham and Justin Wachberger were hurried onto the stage 

And before you ask, no that picture of Gil wasn't taken because he has a nice butt, honest (*shifty eyes*) But once again, Justine didn't really have much of an input in her talk, she couldn't talk about much as she hasn't done much since New Moon and you could see she was out of place and awkward, but Gil stole the show, like he always does, with his quick wit. But I must say, I would like to thank Alex Meraz for bringing to our attention on Twitter, some months ago, about Gil being in a music Video with Diana Ross, as this was bought up at the convention and it had us all in fits of laughter and to top it off, just one word 'JACCCCOOOOBBBBBBBBBB'

Whatever people were feeling, those con blues were set aside for the next hour, as the most loved guest of the convention, the one person that wouldn't let any Twilight fan down. He had drove straight from London to Birmingham, he didn't check in until 1:30am that morning and he would be leaving at 9pm that night, He got through all Auto graphs and Photoshoots in four hours and he kept a smile on his face the entire time. He is our little Convention Whore, one guest that would let us down, CHARLIE BEWLEY........ oh and Chaske Spencer

Once again Chaske presented his dirty laugh to us all and these two together were full of jokes, laughter and when they tried to be serious, it didn't last for long, there wasn't a straight face in the room when these two got going. We discussed wolf pack, to new projects, Charlie's proudness of his sister Lydia and his new play the 'Riverline' and at times, Charlie Bewley even did his impression of Danial Cudmore. Which was quickly followed by Chaske' impression of Bronson and yes we did find out if Charlie reciprocated  Patrick's love and on this occasion, Charlie did not, admitting that he was too selfish for a relationship right now and was not in a good place, but would keep Patrick in mind for when the time comes. So sorry ladies (and Gents) Charlie maybe single, but he is definitely not on the market and not open to offers (*listens to all the hearts breaking around the world*) Also during this time, Charlie revealed to us his Demetri back story (Read the outtakes for it)

So as the organisers Mark and Jason took to the stage, with Paul in the audience, we were introduced to the final panel, of all the guests, for the final chance to get the questions in to them all, before the day was over.

During this talk we found out that Charlie Bewley's life goal is to one day make a human catapult, so when he is terminally ill, he will take all his family and closest friends to the top of a mountain, have a little bit of party, before getting into the catapult and being flung into the ocean, where the impact of the stone waves would kill him. Nice Charlie, real nice. Also we found out that Charlie would also like a 'Tug Toner' for christmas. But he did entertain us with his Dolphin impressions

Toni once again did her tranquilest of being stuck in a closet, which wasn't just talented, but pure genius. With that, she also let us into a secret, or ambition shall we say and that is to one day open up a restaurant, that is filled with couches, so you go in, pick your couch and be served junk food, the title of said place would be 'Couch Potato' and the main thing on the menu would be 'Couch Potato Chips' .... to say it is a genius idea, is an understatement and we look forward to the opening.

From yesterday's talk, Patrick revealed he would like to play Annie, but today revealed that maybe, just maybe, he would now like to be Mrs Hannigan, to which we all thoroughly agree. We also discovered he could rap, so as Charlie raised his hood and bop along to the beep of Patrick's rap, we were all left speechless at the sight before us.

But the time was quickly up and it was time to end, so as the guest were led of stage and the lights come on, Jason and Mark did the closing ceremony to mark the end of yet another successful convention. Many of us with ET7 tickets, going into ET7 blind with no mention of any guests as of yet. We all began pinning for the four months to be up already.

Now as the room piled out and everyone went back to their rooms to get ready for the final party and people who won the auctions stuck around and waited for their banners and chairs, the crew and staff began taking down the set and stage, it was finally hitting that a lot would be going home now, during the party and then in the early hours of the morning.

So as we all got ready for the newborn party, fake blood, make up and glitter everywhere, the Hilton would be like a scene from a horror film in the morning as everyone took down to the party room, with a lot of good byes already said, everyone was determined to enjoy themselves.

But once the party was over and everyone stumbled back to their rooms, everything becoming silent once more, this time everyone made it back to their rooms, or I assume their rooms, no one crashing on chairs, or tables, or on the hard marble floors. Because in a mere 11 hours everyone would have to check out and head home. 

So as we close the hotel room door on yet another convention, we couldn't help but look over the fantastic photo's, video's and memories that we had gathered. New faces and Old faces and everyone going home with at least one new friend. But now it was over. For another four months at least.

Written By @TrackingSouls
Photo's By @BlackRavenOfPoe

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