Friday, 21 October 2011

Eternal Twilight Convention 6

Friday 21st October

Well what can we say, I had already been here some nights and today was the day that checks in was heaving with people ready to check into their rooms and get their registration packs. As usual there was a lot of screaming, laughing and noise, reunions between friends and ET goers who have not seen each other since February of 2011, when they attended ET5.

There were many old faces and many new faces, but as we say, you may come alone, but you aren't alone, this is the only convention within the UK that solely focus' on Twilight, The Books, The Films and the Franchise, so with that comes great guests, that we are all dying to meet.

So as the normal mayhem, gets under way, the fantastic people of Massive Events are late with registration, but that dampens no ones spirits, as for a lot, we are used to the slight delay. So once 2:30 rolls around the queues at the registration desk are heaving with anxious Twilighters wanting their packs for the convention.

For those that don't know, they have four different tickets, the Standard ticket, involves your badge, stamped with a letter group and your number, I won't reveal mine, but I am sure you will see it in some of the pictures if you are one of those lucky ones to see. This ticket gets you into all talks through out the day that we have with the guests, as well as one free autograph with each guest.

Then comes our Silver ticket, with this you get the same as Standard, but you also get one free photo with each guest a well, then we have gold, so like the other two, the extra you get is a Gold drinks reception, where after the opening ceremony, you are whisked away for an hour to have an encounter with all the guests, and the added bonus of free wine, as well as priority seating in the guest talks. Then we have VIP and there is truly no end to the list of things you get with this ticket.

So as we all put on our badges and feel slightly more relaxed as we go about our daily business for a few hours before the opening ceremony begins at 7pm. Once they and seated, the fantastic organisers come on stage, and like always, they enjoy teasing us with some aspects of our experience, with the line 'You will like it, because it benefits you' and left us hanging, to which we will find out Saturday during the Auction.

With that all Guests were introduced to us, because after all, we are tough bunch and well, hard to please apparently, but there is not one guest that has failed to win us over, so as Super Massive Black Hole starts up over the system and each guest is shown on screen, the uproar from the crowd becomes deafening with each character presenting, it was now time for the guests to be bought on.

On first came Chaske Spencer, our delectable wolf pack Alpha, Sam Uley, he isn't a first timer to our Conventions and he is known as the 'one with the dirty laugh' by many, but he knows what to expect from us.

Followed shortly by Toni Trucks, who is going to be starring as the American Nomad Mary in Breaking Dawn, but she was quickly a crowd pleaser, with her quick wit, she had obviously been told exactly what pushed our buttons, but we welcomed her calmly as this was her FIRST ever Twilight convention, so she was both excited and nervous. 

Then came the sexy Irishman, that can get anyones still heart beating once more, Patrick Brennan, who is going to be playing Liam of the Irish Coven, again in Breaking Dawn only. 

Then came on a guest, from New Moon, she only had one line in the movie and she played the Volturi Human Receptionist Gianna in the film, Justin Wachsberger. 

But of course, they leave the ultimate guest until last, he is Jacob Black's father in the Saga, Billy Black, so we all quickly and excitedly welcomed Gil FUCKING Birmingham. Yes he loved the fact he was also in 'Birmingham, England' to go with that. But like Chaske, he isn't a stranger to our conventions

But with the five on stage, I can already hear you all stammering 'B... b.... b.... where's Charlie?' well that was simply answered, we all knew that Charlie Bewley was in a play in London Called 'The Riverline' and he was only going to be joining us on the Sunday.

The cast were not out for long, but they quickly made an impression on us and within seconds, we were all in laughter. Chaske and Gil who have been here before know our weak points and know exactly what directions to go in, but it wasn't long until Toni was on board and instantly felt at home.

Soon they were hushed off the stage and we were all given permission to leave to get ready for our party that night. All Gold tickets holders went off to a guest encounter drinks reception, but I am not at liberty to discuss what went on in such an encounter. But all you need to know was, it was a free bar for an hour.

So while the halls of the Hilton were now silent as everyone went off to get ready for the party, which was based around 'Isle Esme' so we were attending a beach themed party, it really was not long before attendees were walking around in swimming trunks, bikini's, Hawaiian shirts and floral dresses.

The parties for ET's do not take long to get under way, especially with us lot, besides the blow up parrots and palm trees, the ME Crew actually got themselves a real palm tree in the party and the board of list of songs began quickly mounting. Everyone had been practising their dance moves since the previous ET, as they were all dancing in sync and giving it all their best moves. The air was filled with laughter, chatter and mayhem, which happily comes with our not to be missed parties. Everyone who attends makes more than an effort for the themes.

But as the night began to drag into the AM and everyone realising that they had photo shoots and autograph signings at 9am in the morning and they still needed to get in breakfast before then, it wasn't long before people were crashing out on the hotel lounge couches, stairwells, corridors and some even made it to their own rooms, well I assume it was their's, I don't want to judge.

So as the first night closes in on our first day of ET experience, we can only thank Massive Events for continuing to work, after we are all sleeping off the night and preparing for the hectic day next, the Saturday that gets 'Too Tall' nearly pulling his hair out as he sends his crew off to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Written By @TrackingSouls
Photo's By @FallenDarkRaven

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