Wednesday 2 November 2011

Noel Fisher & Guri Weinberg's #GFYS

Disclaimer: The following text is not written by myself (@BlackRavenOfPoe) or that of @TrackingSouls. The following Text was written by Guri Weinberg (@GuriWeinberg) and is solely the property and wording of his. We are just reblogging for the purpose that people keep asking us, why we keep saying #GFYS over Twitter and Facebook and since it is Guri Weinberg and Noel Fisher's (@noel_fisher) joke/prank it is better coming from them. All credit for the following text and story goes to Guri! So #GFYS

(source can be found here #GFYS Blog)

When you're shooting on location for 5 months, you come up with some pretty juvenile inside jokes, catchphrases and pranks. For example, what started as three extremely tired actors getting exceptionally silly while grocery shopping at Whole Foods turned into an elaborate game between myself, Lee Pace and Christian Camargo wherein one of us would, at any time or place, kick one of the others in the shin as hard as we could and then run away.
But that's another blog.
My Twitter Followers know that there is currently a GFYS game playing out in real time - started by Charlie Bewley, who was quickly joined by Daniel Cudmore, Patrick Brennan and Toni Trucks in the GFYS Guri Weinberg campaign. Bewley and Brennan dropped out, Cudmore took the lead and Trucks keeps the pressure on. Thus, the name of this blog. Hey Cudmore and Trucks…if you're reading this…this blog will have your names and GFYS combined on a Google search soon! It's GFYS 2.0
GFYS started one day as Noel and I were walking back into our trailer after a long day's work. We each had one half of the same trailer as dressing rooms and our doors were on opposite ends. As we were opening the doors to our dressing rooms, I called out to him,
"Hey, Noel…"
He earnestly looked at me. "Yeah?"
UBER casually I say, "Go f*** yourself."
On his look of shock, I went into my room and shut the door. I admit, I was laughing pretty hard. The look on his face was priceless.
The next thing I know, an A.D. comes knocking on my door. When it's an A.D. at the door, that means we are needed on set. I have wardrobe to reassemble and it's a cold Baton Rouge winter day, so there's a minute or two of clothes prep/bundling involved with walking back on set. Finally, I'm good and I open the door. The A.D. looks up at me, smiles and says sweetly,
"Um, Guri? Don't need you on set, actually. Noel just needed you to go f*** yourself." and I can hear Noel laughing next door so hard, I think he might choke to death.
From there, as you might imagine, the cast and crew all heard about the GFYS game and immediately embraced the concept. The GFYS game was played in many variations on a daily basis - there were many combinations of cast mates, crew, hotel staff and occasionally, innocent bystanders in various scenarios. They're ALL funny. However…I can only elaborate on one GFYS story to give you the whole FLAVOR of this ridiculous game. The GFYS tale would not be complete without what I like to call my personal GFYS journey with Noel Fisher.
So, back to the same cold, rainy day on set where it all started. Noel had sent an A.D. to tell me GFYS, laughed like a serial killer on a sugar high and I think…this is the end. But Noel had enjoyed this all TOO much. So, he KEEPS sending A.D.'s to knock on my door all day. Every 5 minutes, SOMEONE is telling me GFYS. It was a LONG day. I get back to the hotel, getting ready for bed and a note comes under the door from the hotel. Usually, it's a bill so I go get it. Instead of a bill, it just read, "Mr. Weinberg…please GFYS. Thank You." As I am deliberating over that, I get a call in my room. I warily answer the phone and it's Toni Trucks in a thinly disguised voice posing as the hotel front desk staff. I'm waiting for it.
"Yes…Mr. Weinberg…we just wanted to make sure you got your bill and GFYS."
Then later, I got a text from an A.D. The text read, "Guri…your call time has been changed to go f*** yourself."
Oh, no Noel DIDN'T...
I get on set the next day and amble up to Bill Bannerman, our co-producer.
"Hey Bill…I need a favor. I need you to tell Noel 'go f***yourself' for me."
"Guri, what IS this 'go f*** yourself' thing all about? I hear everyone doing that?"
So I tell him. He's TOTALLY into it and thinks it's pretty funny (I mentioned we were ALL really punchy at this stage in filming, right?) and he calls one of the P.A.s over.
"Go get Noel Fisher. I need to talk to him". She runs off to get Noel, a little perplexed and nervous. I'm in heaven. I start walking to the stage door, far enough away for him not to suspect anything, close enough to see his face. Noel comes rushing onto set, pulling his wardrobe together as he walks. He looks nervous. He sees me.
"Hey, man. I just got called to set to talk to Bill. Know what it's about?"
"Noel. Dude. How would I know? He didn't say anything to me."
He nods, looks over at Bill and walks over. I linger by the door so I can see his face as he walks up to Bill.
"Hey, Bill. You wanted to see me?"
"Oh, yeah. Look, Noel…go f*** yourself."
Noel's face was nothing less then GFYS poetry.
So, I'm on set getting some water out of the cooler. We're on a short break and most of the cast and crew is there. The stage has a microphone for the director or A.D. to talk to people from behind the video monitors. As I'm getting my water, I hear in a low, raspy voice…
Now, it KINDA sounds like Wyck Godfrey, our producer - if Wyck was a lounge singer. I turn around to find the source of the voice, as does the rest of the cast and the crew.
"Yeah…Guri…over here…go f*** yourself."
Nicely played, Noel, I'm thinking. Let's kick it up a notch.
So, what could I do? I had a talk with Kristen, then Rob to arrange a spontaneous GFYS from each to accent the rest of Noel's day. They were SO into it. However, before I know it, Rob is wrapped for the day and I'm thinking he forgot. Oh, me of little faith in Rob's silliness. As he walks off set back to his trailer,
"Noel. Go f*** yourself." Rob said it so casually, Noel looked at him for a second, not believing he'd heard what he just heard. Noel looks at me.
"I can't believe you did that. Nice.", he says.
"Thanks, man." I respond. But he hasn't heard from Kristen yet. AND now we're called back to set...
The minute I walk on set, Kristen is READY to do this thing with Noel. She keeps looking at me when he's not looking, mouthing, "Now?" I'm mouthing back, "Not yet." She keeps shooting me looks every few seconds, "Now?" and I keep going "Not yet. Rob just did it." I am thinking to myself, MAN, she REALLY wants to tell Noel to go f***himself. Did he piss her off or what?!? There's a break coming up and we all come back on set. Except Kristen. I look for an A.D.
"Where's Kristen?"
"Oh, she wrapped."
NO WONDER she wanted to do it so quickly. Dammit.
Now, a sane person would have let it go. I, on the other hand, saved the rest for Canada.
In Canada, I go to Peter Facinelli. This is TOTALLY up Peter's alley and quite frankly, something he was BORN to do.
Peter waits until right before 'action' to look at Noel and say,
"Hey Noel. Go f*** yourself." Then Bill called 'action'. Noel's reaction? Just another slice of GFYS genius.
So, next I went to Bill Condon. You guessed it…he was TOTALLY into it.
Bill waits until we're shooting a scene where we are perched in a rather uncomfortable position. He comes over, looks up at us and asks,
"Guri, you alright?"
I answer, "Doing OK, Bill. Thanks."
He looks at Noel. "Noel…are you cold? You seem cold."
Noel looks at him and says, "Actually Bill, it IS a little…"
Bill cuts him off. "Yeah? Go f*** yourself."
Noel. Is. Speechless. OH! The joy…but I'm not done. He THINKS I'm done but I am not done.
I mean, I WOULD have been done if I were not a complete CHILD but I am, so…I went to Stephenie.
I am full of confidence as I approach Stephenie. We were simpatico since day one and I just KNOW she'll be the feather in my GFYS Noel Fisher hat.
"Stephenie, I need you to do me a favor. Please tell Noel to go f*** himself."
Silence. She is staring at me and it occurs to me that I may have crossed a line here. Now, I am now wondering how long it will be until Stefan is cut from the film.
"I can't use the "f" word.", she says. OMG is all I am thinking…THAT is her only issue with it?!? Relief pours over me…along with renewed dedication to the GFYS Noel Fisher campaign I have launched.
"Stephenie…substitute ANY word for the "f" word. Trust me…HE'LL KNOW."
"I would be comfortable with that…you know what would be REALLY funny? If we…" and she went on to describe several GFYS games to play on several unsuspecting folks involved with BD. Her creativity knew no boundaries and suffice it to say that Stephenie is the COOLEST woman EVER and a GENIUS!!!
Naturally, Stephenie handled my request brilliantly and Noel was suitably shocked by the lengths I went in order to achieve this GFYS victory.
Most likely, we will all NEVER end this game. Now, I know some Twifans will use this opportunity to tell the cast GFYS at every opportunity. Just as a warning, it MAY sound different coming from a relative stranger than it would a co-worker, so be prepared for some shocked reactions if you go this route. And, it may not ENDEAR you to the cast as they may not understand you're joking. In fact, you could get a visit from security. So, as much as the visual of the Twilight/BD cast being told "Go f*** yourself!" from fans worldwide makes me laugh till I cry, it may not be the best idea in practice.
Now that my disclaimer is in place, I would like to say with love, respect and admiration to Twitter followers who have gotten involved in our exceptionally juvenile game…GFYS. :)

Saturday 29 October 2011

Gil Birmingham in Diana Ross - Muscles Video

What Charlie Bewley wants for Christmas

Eternal Twilight OutTakes

Well it's over, something we had all been waiting for, for eight months, was now just a memory and what great memories we have of the convention. Not only did we make the guest blush, we even blushed. I myself had many encounters where I landed myself in it. I have been told that I need to scan a room first before opening my mouth.

The first incident happened on the Friday night, up in the executive lounge. We were innocently talking about Chaske's laugh, it is not only dirty, but infectious at the same time. But with my dear crush Gil Birmingham attending, I innocently, okay, maybe not so innocently said about the naughty things I would like to do with him if he came near me. Only to be told in that moment, that he was sat no more than a meter from me. Thinking my chain was being yanked, I did turn to look to see that not only did Gil Birmingham actually hear what I had said, but Chaske had heard as well. To say I was bright red was an understatement and I wanted to crawl into a hole and die in that moment.

But that wasn't the last time I put my mouth in it with Chaske. While waiting to have my photo taken with him, sat on the floor, as we were early, we were sat by the back door where he would enter, so I said, 'Oh excellent, will get a shot of his ass when he goes through it' only to be told that Chaske was stood beside me, so looking up at the very tall man, he nodded his head at me and entered through that door. So I think I went redder this time, then the night before. But to make myself feel better, I still did check his ass out when he went into the photo room.

During my autograph with Patrick Brennan he questioned my motives of why I looked so happy, but he liked happy people. I wasn't going to reveal to him that I was happy cus I was snuggled in his strong grasp now was I, this was the first instance of me keeping my mouth shut, so it was a good thing. But when I went to get my autograph from him an hour later. He remembered me from the shoot and preceding to kiss my cheek, to which in my mind, I never wanted to wash the left side of my face for the weekend.

Then came my photo shoot with Mr Bewley ~shakes head~ not only did he remember me from LFCC (Can't remember being memorable) he said that he wasn't giving me a serious photo and yep, you guessed it, he didn't, so on my second photo with him, I decided a little pay back and requested a kiss on the cheek... to which he happily agreed. So as  I posed innocently for the photo, just as the camera went off, he licked my cheeks. That's right, the dirty little fucker licked my cheek. At the time I was mortified, as my face was completely screwed up for the photo.... but that was when payback really came for Charles Martin Bewley. He was captured for a double cheek kiss, where after the first one was taken. He asked us if we wished for him to remove his clothes now. I stayed silent for a change, you know, I was good at putting my foot in it. So we just went for another cheek kiss. So there are two of those photo's swinging about. If you can capture it, you know, enjoy ;)

There are many photo's you will not see from the weekend, so look out for them on our facebook or twitter, we will release the terrible ones along the way. But for now. This is it, the convention is over and for ET7 we will make sure we do the blogs as the convention is happening, because I am sure that at some point we have forgotten things. But I hope you enjoyed our encounters. This isn't over. We have the Breaking Dawn Prem to go to yet. So keep checking back.

Charlie Bewley's Backstory for Demetri -- Demetri lived in a little village near Mt. Vesuvius and one day it erupted and he ran from this hot lava (yes that's right, a human outran lava) and ran to another village, were he was sold as a servant and everytime he was done with, he was sold on and on, until he ended up at the Colosseum, where he was thrown into battle with lions (yes lions) then when he was nearly mauled to death. Aro, Caius and Marcus who were on a day trip, pointed him out and offered a lot of money for Demetri, before taking him from the Colosseum, taking him back to Volterra and changing him.

The embarrassing part of his story, is that he presented this back story to Stephenie Meyer who was in the middle of her Twilight Guide at the time and she apparently smiled and nodded at him and said it was great, but Charlie did say, what her smile and nod actually meant was 'Yes Charlie, that's great, now go back to acting and stop pissing on my guide' and to be honest, I think he was spot on.

Toni Trucks 'Dear Diary' - on your travels around twitter, or facebook or any social network site and you see people start with 'Dear Diary' and end with 'It was Crazy' you all have the brilliant Toni for that. It was a game that was played during filming, that everyone who start and end their sentences like that and it has quickly caught on with convention goers.

So as I now again close this part, all I can think about is the Cullen and Volturi dance off, where behind the director, crew, wardrobes back, all the cast during the battle scene, made up a dance in secret and when Bill Condon shout action. Peter Facinelli steps forward to Michael Sheen and declares a dance off, to where everyone else danced off. We are all hoping this will be on the Breaking Dawn DVD, as it was filmed.

Written by @BlackRavenOfPoe

Sunday 23 October 2011

Eternal Twilight Convention 6

Sunday 23rd October

Come Sunday morning and the fact that tickets for ET7 go on sale at 8am, heading through the hallways of the Hilton, catching the likes of the stage being taken apart by the techs after the live band from the night before, everything was eerily silent, as the first people in the queue began to que at 4am, to make sure they got a certain number ticket. Some even come down in the PJ's and many still drunk from the night before.. Depressing, isn't it?

But as the queues went down and time began to pass, everyone scattered off for breakfast and to get ready for the day, because some unlucky drunk fuckers had a photo shoot with Charlie Bewley at 9am, so had to look their best, since they had lack of beauty sleep. So as the halls became louder and more cheery with the sound of everyone getting to their photo shoots and auto graph signings, everything began to seem well with the convention goers.

But now with the final autograph given and the final photo being taken, it was now time for the talks, you could already feel the atmosphere drop around these parts, as sad times began to set in, many were in the middle of checking out of the hotel, preparing to go home after the talks, the tears setting in also and the sluggishness hitting everyone hard, as we all piled into the room with all talks and took our places, for the final time of the weekend. 

As the lights went low and the flood lights on the stage flicked on, we all prepared for Toni Trucks and Patrick Brennan's talks. As they both took to the stage, they were sent to sign all the banners and chairs, for the people who had won them in the auction on the Saturday afternoon.

So as the noise quieten down, the questions got fired at them both once more, Patrick Brennan once more declared his love for Charlie Bewley and we would find out later on if Charlie reciprocated  this love or not, but from two cast members we are yet to see act in the Twilight saga, both of them managed to keep us entertained from beginning to end, becoming fast favorites amongst the crowd. In February we met someone called Bill Tangradi, who is going to be playing Randall in the Saga, so it wasn't long before Patrick stepped up and showed us all his impression of Bill's victory dance. Which we had all seen Bill perform at ET5, to say he was excellent at it was an understatement, but due to contract reasons, we were unable to film such dance. There was also a moment, where Toni asked the audience if we would like to see Patrick naked and when the cheers were of a resounding yes, Patrick persisted on going bright red and unable to talk for several minutes. To say there were only around 10 males to 500 women, I think he was trouble 

But that hour past quickly and you could tell by the deflation of the attendees, that depression and post-con blues were now setting in, so the next two guests, Gil Birmingham and Justin Wachberger were hurried onto the stage 

And before you ask, no that picture of Gil wasn't taken because he has a nice butt, honest (*shifty eyes*) But once again, Justine didn't really have much of an input in her talk, she couldn't talk about much as she hasn't done much since New Moon and you could see she was out of place and awkward, but Gil stole the show, like he always does, with his quick wit. But I must say, I would like to thank Alex Meraz for bringing to our attention on Twitter, some months ago, about Gil being in a music Video with Diana Ross, as this was bought up at the convention and it had us all in fits of laughter and to top it off, just one word 'JACCCCOOOOBBBBBBBBBB'

Whatever people were feeling, those con blues were set aside for the next hour, as the most loved guest of the convention, the one person that wouldn't let any Twilight fan down. He had drove straight from London to Birmingham, he didn't check in until 1:30am that morning and he would be leaving at 9pm that night, He got through all Auto graphs and Photoshoots in four hours and he kept a smile on his face the entire time. He is our little Convention Whore, one guest that would let us down, CHARLIE BEWLEY........ oh and Chaske Spencer

Once again Chaske presented his dirty laugh to us all and these two together were full of jokes, laughter and when they tried to be serious, it didn't last for long, there wasn't a straight face in the room when these two got going. We discussed wolf pack, to new projects, Charlie's proudness of his sister Lydia and his new play the 'Riverline' and at times, Charlie Bewley even did his impression of Danial Cudmore. Which was quickly followed by Chaske' impression of Bronson and yes we did find out if Charlie reciprocated  Patrick's love and on this occasion, Charlie did not, admitting that he was too selfish for a relationship right now and was not in a good place, but would keep Patrick in mind for when the time comes. So sorry ladies (and Gents) Charlie maybe single, but he is definitely not on the market and not open to offers (*listens to all the hearts breaking around the world*) Also during this time, Charlie revealed to us his Demetri back story (Read the outtakes for it)

So as the organisers Mark and Jason took to the stage, with Paul in the audience, we were introduced to the final panel, of all the guests, for the final chance to get the questions in to them all, before the day was over.

During this talk we found out that Charlie Bewley's life goal is to one day make a human catapult, so when he is terminally ill, he will take all his family and closest friends to the top of a mountain, have a little bit of party, before getting into the catapult and being flung into the ocean, where the impact of the stone waves would kill him. Nice Charlie, real nice. Also we found out that Charlie would also like a 'Tug Toner' for christmas. But he did entertain us with his Dolphin impressions

Toni once again did her tranquilest of being stuck in a closet, which wasn't just talented, but pure genius. With that, she also let us into a secret, or ambition shall we say and that is to one day open up a restaurant, that is filled with couches, so you go in, pick your couch and be served junk food, the title of said place would be 'Couch Potato' and the main thing on the menu would be 'Couch Potato Chips' .... to say it is a genius idea, is an understatement and we look forward to the opening.

From yesterday's talk, Patrick revealed he would like to play Annie, but today revealed that maybe, just maybe, he would now like to be Mrs Hannigan, to which we all thoroughly agree. We also discovered he could rap, so as Charlie raised his hood and bop along to the beep of Patrick's rap, we were all left speechless at the sight before us.

But the time was quickly up and it was time to end, so as the guest were led of stage and the lights come on, Jason and Mark did the closing ceremony to mark the end of yet another successful convention. Many of us with ET7 tickets, going into ET7 blind with no mention of any guests as of yet. We all began pinning for the four months to be up already.

Now as the room piled out and everyone went back to their rooms to get ready for the final party and people who won the auctions stuck around and waited for their banners and chairs, the crew and staff began taking down the set and stage, it was finally hitting that a lot would be going home now, during the party and then in the early hours of the morning.

So as we all got ready for the newborn party, fake blood, make up and glitter everywhere, the Hilton would be like a scene from a horror film in the morning as everyone took down to the party room, with a lot of good byes already said, everyone was determined to enjoy themselves.

But once the party was over and everyone stumbled back to their rooms, everything becoming silent once more, this time everyone made it back to their rooms, or I assume their rooms, no one crashing on chairs, or tables, or on the hard marble floors. Because in a mere 11 hours everyone would have to check out and head home. 

So as we close the hotel room door on yet another convention, we couldn't help but look over the fantastic photo's, video's and memories that we had gathered. New faces and Old faces and everyone going home with at least one new friend. But now it was over. For another four months at least.

Written By @TrackingSouls
Photo's By @BlackRavenOfPoe

Saturday 22 October 2011

Eternal Twilight Convention 6

Saturday 22nd October 

Now for the next two days is when the fun really begins, so as alarms around the the hotel begin to go off at 7am with excited attendees, all pushing and shoving for the shower, most still hung over from the party before, they all realize they have 9am photo shoots and autographs.

So as a lot pile down to breakfast still in their PJ's, we all tuck into the best breakfast you are ever likely to come across, not only does the Hilton in Birmingham have amazing room, excellent staff and be pure luxury, they do the best breakfasts you are ever likely to eat. Ones that will fill you up for the entire day.

With 9am quickly approaching and the last minute make up is going on and the perfect outfits chosen, the hallways, corridors and stairwells are full of attendees, making their way to the respectful places. We are all divided up into groups of 30 and distributed around the place to make sure queues stay short and the noise to a minimum.

Okay, maybe the noise is never to a minimum, (to know our experiences please read the out take blog) If there is something to be said about the guests that come to Eternal Twilight, they are always up for anything during photoshoots and will also equally prank on you without warning. So when you are queuing for your autograph, speaking to the guests are easy and they welcome it.

So as midday finally roles around and the lines everywhere begin to fade, everyone goes off in different directions for food and to finally nurse them hangovers, to prepare for the guest talks in an hours time.  Also during this time, sign up sheets went up to bid on guest encounters, so spend an hour with each of the guests, for cuppa tea and biscuits. Only the top 10 highest bidders got in. But what goes on in these talks, again, is not for me to disclose, just like the drinks reception.

Now as we all pile back to the talk room and pile into our respected seats, we sit and wait for the talks to begin.

The first talk was Toni Trucks and Justine Wachsberger, so as we settled in, the people who won their guest encounters with Chaske Spencer and Gil Birmingham flitted off to that, the lights went low and the still drunk crowd erupted as Paul came on stage to announce our two guests.

So as the two girls took their seats, the questions began and the laughter started. If I am far, Justine really didn't have much input during this talk, only have a small line in the film and not having much work since New Moon, you could clearly see she was out of her debts. But Toni not only stole the show, but quickly became the best guest of this convention.

She told us the story of 'Dear Diary' her trick of talking with her mouth shut and her input into Noel Fisher and Guri Weinburg's prank of 'GFYS' and with that we got told about the dance off between the Cullens and Volturi ... even though we are yet to see Toni in Breaking Dawn, that truly didn't matter, as she won us over and had us all in fits of laughter.

But before long, the hour was up and they were escorted from the stage to make way for Patrick Brennan, as people went off to their Justine and Toni encounters, we sat and waited for him to take the stage and like Toni, he knows he has yet to be seen in Twilight, but that doesn't stop him from rolling out the jokes. He quickly discovered we were easily pleased, with his random words of 'Boo' and 'Argh' to make us laughter completely overjoyed him. But as the questions quickly fired at him, we got to know he wants to play 'Annie', explaining his love for Charlie Bewley and how he finds it funny Noel Fisher has told us all to 'GFYS'.. though during his talk we had a lighting malfunction as we were plummeted into darkness for a while, but that didn't stop Patrick

Now as Patrick was shown off stage we all waited around for a Twilight Quiz, not many people stuck around for it, but it was a laugh and it really tested our knowledge, not that any of us were really tested, we are all so addicted to Twilight, no one got a question wrong.

After that we welcomed back Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer, both are not strangers to and ET event, as they both attended ET4 together, so as people went off to their Patrick encounter. It wasn't long before Chaske presented that dirty laugh we all come to love and Gil soon had us all in fits of laughter. For a room full of hung over people, we were very easily amused with these two.

But now it is all over for the day and as they are escorted from the stage, the lights go up and the auctions begin. But before that goes a head, Mark and Jason take to the stage to reveal what they were teasing us about on Friday.

You see, the UK Conventions have always been unofficial, and so the line was 'There is going to be no ET7' and this nearly gave us all heart-attack, until it was reveal '.... as an unofficial convention' which means in February, for ET7, we will be known as Eternal Twilight, The Official Convention, so these gave us all finally hope. As we will now have Summit on board with us, to help us get the bigger guests.

So now the auction went underway, a dinner with all the guests went for £260, then the hanging banners went for around £5-£130... as well as all the chairs that the guests were sat on, went from around £50-£220 and no it wasn't Charlie Bewley's that went for £220, his went for £180.. it actually was Gil Birmingham's chair.

Once it was over, everyone piled out of the room and headed back to their rooms, to get ready for the party at 8:30, tonight's theme was  the Baseball theme, so everyone dressed up as baseball players, baseballs and game players. ME put on a live band for us and we all got the party started quickly. Toni Trucks and her boyfriend joined the quests on the dance floor, moshing with the attendees and making sure everyone was up there.

But as 3:30am rolled around and everyone once again realized they had Autographs and photo shoots at 9am and still had to get breakfast in and of course tickets for ET7 were on sale at 8am. They all once again collapsed in stairwells, floors and some made it to their bedrooms, or could have been their bedrooms, we don't judge.

Written By @BlackRavenOfPoe
Photo's By @BlackRavenOfPoe